Promoting vulnerable consumers knowledge and information of Energy Efficiency

Project “Promoting vulnerable consumers knowledge and information of Energy Efficiency” with the support of the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union has performed information and knowledge rising activities for citizens of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia on Energy Efficiency issues. During the team leader trainings in Sweden (Gothenburg) and in Estonia (Tartu) team leaders get acquainted with many forms and ways of energy efficiency. Team leaders find out information about the experience in promoting and implementing sustainable solutions that deal with climate, energy, water resources and green consumption for households and for local municipalities. During the education seminars in Riga team leaders did passed discovered solutions on energy efficiency issues to the citizens from Tartu, Riga and Vilnius municipalities. Educational seminars was been arranged together with interactive excursions to the Power Industry Museum and Energy Efficiency Centre to advise citizens on general overview on Energy Efficiency issues as well as introduce with safer and more efficient usage of various electrical appliances. Learning from each other’s experience has shown to citizens, that there are solutions already in use that bring good results to ensure both economic development and environmental protection which is the inevitable resource for future development.