Team Leader Training Goteborg (SWEDEN) 2011

In Sweden the team leaders was received at Gothenburg's Ecocentrum, Alingsås town municipality, to visit Passivhuscentrum, to meet the Alingsås Firends of the Earth group, visit to the Brogården (a set of passive houses) and local district heating plant and a company Alingsås Energi etc.

At Ecocentrum team leaders visited a exhibition of environmentally friendly solutions, where team leaders saw many examples of energy saving technologies as well as Ecocentrum's program to promote energy saving devices and organic production. Ecocentrum sucessfully collaborates with business that has green production.

At Passivhuscentrum is a resource for the individual consumers who wants to know more about energy efficient homes and construction of passive houses, energy saving technologies used for construction and building. At Brogården is situated a set of houses where passive house techniques to refurbish rundown apartment buildings can be observed in the real life.

There were some Eco shops which provide organic and local food in Alingsås town municipality. Alingsås waste management plant for sorting, transport, processing and managing waste materials was been discovered together with introduction with biogas concept. The green gas concept enables biogas to be offered throw all connected filling stations for vehicles.